When your ship comes to our company, an important phase in the entire construction process will start.

The Interior will give the identity on board of your ship.

We will always listen first to the client, the specific customer requirements and will add our own knowledge

This knowledge is needed in order to use the space on board in the most effective way, to make the right material choices and to make sure that your ship leaves our yard in a perfect state.

Behind the scenes we will always take time for consultation with the other parties who also belong to the construction process. Through this consultation we can prevent problems in a later building phase.

This will promote the complete progress and ensures that the technics behind the woodwork will be reachable on crucial points at all times.

The company is always working to create an optimal construction process with the  latest materials and techniques.

For example you can think of a mock- up ( 1 on 1 model of your ship ) building system, so the company can guarantee a fast construction period without quality loss.